The Zoo with The Smith's

Chris and I recently had the privilege of spending some time with The Smith's while visiting Como Zoo, in St. Paul, MN on Easter weekend. It was quite the zoo there literly but we had a blast spending time with their family getting to know them better. Xavier their little boy was such a fun little boy fun of energy and excitement. Here are some fun pictures of the day.

This is Xavier and his mama Alexis in the Fern Room of the Conservatory. Xavier was having a blast running up and down the isles and playing in the little stream there.

This is a close up that Chris was able to get of Xavier on Dougs back. Doug and Alexis were trying out their baby backpack thingy for the first time. I think that Chris got a great shot!

Here are the Smiths and My back as we were examining the Lions Den...to bad we weren't posed for this shot...but its kind of fun anyways.

Spring is in bloom for with Easter Lilly's in their flower room.

Doug said he liked the Big Fish at the Zoo so we made sure to get a picture of it.

I love this goldfish pool and beautiful statue.

These are my favorite little guys. I always tell Chris I waddle just like a penguin when I walk.

More flowers in bloom.

Pretty Kitty!

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