Cascade 2009 - Resturants & Things

So every year around April 4th or so Chris and I make the weekend trek up to Grand Marais, MN. This year however we decided to take some pictures of some of our favorite stomping grounds, and bizarre novelties we spot every year when we are in Grand Marais.
How about going to the local blacksmith to get some new horseshoes!

Ah the world famously over priced Sven and Ole's Pizza where you can enjoy average tasting pizza at an expensive price. Not to mention you get to eat it in the comfort of your very own booth complimentary with your very own moose head! Did I mention that the Swedish accent of the server is authentic!
The Blue Water Cafe is the best little dinner in town. They make the most creamy blueberry malts in the state! They are by far, hands down the best malt I have ever had. Their menu includes a variety of home cooked American favorites, including all you can eat Friday Night Fish Fry and Saturday Night Steak Fry. They are extremely family friendly and even play some surprisingly upbeat music.

Beth's Fudge and Gifts is one of my favorite little stores to go into. She usually isn't open until May but she does offer a wide variety of Fudge flavors and has a more unique selection of affordable gifts then some of the other shops in town.

Did I mention that the Ben Franklin & Joynes Dpt. Store? It think this store would be equivalent to a tiny merge between an Ace Hardware, Fleet Farm and Target or something. It is the only department store in a very small town and did I mention it is a very tiny store? It carries a wide variety of things everything from moccasins and high class hiking boots, to cheap souvenirs. I would recommend bringing the kids here for an inexpensive souvenir. However, Claustrophobic be warned as this store has extremely narrow isles. Finally, if you forgot to pack something in your suitcase you are sure to find it here.
Now maybe its just me...but nothing says Live Bait like a giant creepy Fish going through the side of your shop, and a name like Beaver House.

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Looks like you had a lot of fun!