Shakopee Fire

So my co-worker and I were coming home from Lunch one day when we saw this huge cloud of black smoke in the air. We kind of joked to each other that RTI was going up in flames and we would have to take the day off. Well RTI was ok, but directly across the street...ok freeway (169) from RTI was a huge brush fire that had gotten out of control.

Unfortunately when we were stuck on 169 in bumper to bumper traffic we didn't think to take pictures of the awesome flames. We had a good excuse though...we were trying to figure out which option would be better; to either roll down the windows, or to keep them up as we couldn't breath as smoke was filling the car. 169 was clouded with the smoke that was coming from the brush fire, and since there was bumper to bumper traffic we had little options but to just wait there while the traffic cleared.

Luckily for our lungs it cleared quickly and on our drive up the frontage road to RTI we finally remembered to stop and take some pictures. The rest of the day we spent smelling like we had just been to a bond fire but we didn't seem to mind as we were use to putting out fires at RTI...well not literally though.

Here are some news clips form that day:

KSTP Channel 5 News & KARE 11

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