Gospel Tract Witness Oppertunity - Baby Editon

So lately I have been thinking of ways I can share to Gospel more. One statistic that has left an impression in my mind is that the average person has to hear the Gospel about five times before they are really even ready to listen. Its like it takes five times for us to even stop enough to think about it. That being said, I think Gospel Tracts are great segues into getting people to think about life after death. The number one way that I usually share the Gospel is with my life as well as the conversations I have with my friends and family to share the Gospel, and for me this is usually the way I see the most fruit.

However, that being said, God doesn't ask us to pick in choose who we share the Gospel with, the Gospel is for everyone, we are merely asked to share. If I knew I had a life saving cure for my friends terminal illness or even a strangers, how much would I half to hate the person not to share it? Thus, my heart has become more and more open to being bold to share the Gospel to more than just my friends.

Here is where comes in my new passion for ways I can share the Gospel. My newest idea came to me when I was making my list of what to pack in my hospital bag for the birth of my second son. I was reading different comments from mothers about things to bring, and one comment left me thinking. A mother commented that a great thing to bring would be a gift for your labor nurses. Our nurses take care of us, so why not take care of them? She mentioned buying them pizza or bringing some chocolate or something small to show your gratitude for their act of service to you. What and awesome idea! Why did I not think of this before, what a great way to put a smile on someones face, to bless someone. Then I got to thinking....why not share to Gospel with them too? Its a very non threatening way to not only say Thank you but that I care about your life. So how am I going to do it? After a little Pinteresting I came up with this recipe for my thank you gifts.

What you will need for 12 gift/favor bags:
  • 2 packages of 6 count of thank you cards from the dollar store...or make your own.
  • 3 packages of your favorite chocolates. Since I am having a boy I used chocolates wrapped in blue foil. Lindt Truffles, Dove Chocolates, and Cookies N Cream Hersey's Kisses.
  • 12 gospel tracts. (I made my own, and tried to pick something baby themed, for example I did a Gospel tract that focuses on how we are special as individual creations of God, and another Gospel tract about how we can be born into a new life with Christ.)
  • 12 paper or celophane gift bags (or gift packaging of your choice) You can buy some cute one's here that may be helpful.
  • Stapler
To Assemble:
  1.  place chocolates and Gospel Tracts inside celophane bag
  2. Fold down top of celophane bag placing thank you cards over the top and then staple the bag shut
  3. Hand out to your Nurses!
Want another spin on this idea? You can pretty much do any baby shower favor ideas, but I like chocolate so here is another idea.

Take a Hershey's Candy bar, and wrap the bar with your own wrapping over the existing wraping. On one side print a pretty thank you note, and on the inside of the wrapping print your Gospel Tract.

Here is where I got the basic concept to wrap the Candybar from a Pinterest post.

Hope this inspires you to look for ways to share the Gospel in creative ways. How do you share the Gospel?

P.S. I did not receive any compensation from the brands or products listed in the post above, and I am not endorsing them. They are simply products I have used, or thought would be useful for this project.

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