Thats my favorite vegtable too!

I offered to watch three of the most precious children today for my dear friends, as their mom was on a mission trip. I was initially apprehensive because I have my little one already to watch and have never attempted to watch 3 others at the same time. I can easily psych myself up to thinking things will be more difficult then they really are. However, God truly blessed me with a smooth moving day, and Isaac even took a 3 hr nap! I have to admit though that my favorite part of the day was over the lunch hour. The little boy I had been watching had been pretty rambunctious all day and the conversation over lunch just shows you why having little boys makes life so precious.

Me: "So Big Sister, what is your favorite vegetable?"
Big Sister: "That's easy, I love carrots."
Me: "So Little Brother, whats your favorite vegetable?"
Little Brother: "Mac n Cheese" (said with a huge grin)
Me: "Why that's my favorite vegetable too!"

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