20 Lessons I have learned after 5 years of Marriage

Agree or Disagree these are some very valuable lessons that I have learned over the last 5 years of marriage. I may develop on some of these ideas in the future, on how I came to learn these things, but for now here are some things for you to think on. These are not in any particular order...certainly some should have a higher priority than others, but all are equally challenging and helpful for marriage.
  1.  Just don't fight
  2. Think of ways to serve my spouse, especially when I am pissed off at them, its crucial to try to do an act of service for them when I am irate with them.
  3. Schedule times to go to bed early during the week. For chatting and intimacy purposes. ;)
  4. Send love notes, texts, e-mails as often as I can think of it
  5. Pray for my spouse
  6. Ask my spouse tough questions to challenge them in love.
  7. Ask my spouse how can I serve you today
  8. Remember to tell each other "I love you and am on your side" during a disagreement, fight.
  9. If you can't resolve a disagreement before 10:00pm then agree to reconnect on during a scheduled time the next day.
  10. Don't spend over $20 without clearing it with my spouse. 
  11. Get a google or shared calendar...keep each other in the loop, don't forget to check with them before making plans...you don't belong to yourself anymore.
  12. Love God more then my spouse, make sure my relationship with God comes first so I can love my spouse the way God intended.
  13. God has always been faithful to provide for His children.God has blessed my marriage, through difficult situations and easy, never forget His faithfulness.
  14. Use your time together wisely, and enjoy each other as often as you can.
  15. May your marriage be a reflection of God to the world.
  16. Stay committed to and serve in your local church together
  17. Reassess your the vision/mission of your marriage often, talk about your dreams, and areas that need growth
  18. Trust one another, and be open and honest in all things...even sin struggles...give one another grace.
  19. Base your standard of beauty off of what your spouse looks like...in other words if he is tall, has curly hair, and a goatee then that is what I am into...that is my standard of physical beauty that everything must measure against.
  20. Verbally affirm each other often, Say I love you In ways your spouse will understand everyday...learn their love language if you don't know it in order to learn how to say I love you in ways they will understand.
I am sure there are more lessons I have learned, but these stick out in my mind as the most important, life, and marriage changing lessons I have learned in the last 5 years. Trust me these are things that I myself am still working on. What has marriage taught you? What are some things you and your spouse do to serve each other?

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    :-) said...

    Ok, so I'm a little late in reading this. But as I read your blog in general, I am just reminded how much I am blessed by knowing you. Oh how I wish God would bless us with the ability to be near each other more frequently.

    This particular post is awesome. I am blessed by it. Thanks for sharing. Your clarity of thought and simplicity in action is beautiful.

    Miss you friend. =) Stacey