Sometimes it's just nice knowing

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So yesterday Chris and I played hookie from work so we could get some important things taken care of. Most importantly the reason for us taking work off yesterday was so that we could both be present at the much anticipated doctors appointment where we could discuss fertility options (for those of you who don't know, Chris and I have been trying for a baby for one year now). Chris and I really wanted to work with The Center for Reproductive Medicine on the U of M campus because our good friends had so much success working with them to conceive their baby boy and they come very highly recommended for women who have PCOS. We unfortunately do not have the ability with our strict work schedules to drive back and forth between down town etc... for the numerous tests that would need to be preformed. Therefore we have been researching for a great OBGYN in our area. With prayer we were able to find Western OBGYN that actually is a satellite clinic for one of the doctors that works at The Center of Reproductive Medicine! This is very exciting to us because this means we will be able to get the same care, if not better, closer to home.

The appointment yesterday was a preliminary appointment where they went over our medical history and discussed options that would best suit our needs and concerns. Chris and I are looking at the beginning stages of infertility treatments and have thought, and prayed long and hard about how far we are willing to go. Our doctor thought it would be best for us to have some preliminary test taken to rule out some probable causes for us not being able to conceive. This would include getting Chris checked out to make sure he is not a contributing factor for our inability to conceive. It would also mean getting my glucose levels checked as well as getting an x-ray and ultrasound done to rule out tubal blockage, and endometriosis. Getting an ultrasound done will be beneficial for my doctor as well because then she will be able to determine what shape my ovaries are in (scaring, cysts, etc...).

My doctor believes that, pending the lab results, the best option for Chris and I at this time would be for me to start taking a prescription called Clomid, to assist my body in ovulation. She believes that my body is probably having trouble producing enough estrogen to ovulate completely. This is her speculation and she will know more after the test results come back. She may also decide to put me on a combination of Clomid and Metformin. Metformin is a diabetic medication that helps with the control of insulin resistance. If she determines that I am insulin resistant combining the meds will help my body have more chance to ovulate as too much insulin can cause hormonal imbalance.

Chris and I will be going into the clinic the day after Thanksgiving for our lab tests. Please be praying for us just that we can have wisdom and peace with the many different options and tests that we might be faced with. Also be praying for our finances because fertility tests can be expensive. I have a $3000 deductible so that has to come out of pocket before any insurance kicks in. Then insurance will only cover up to so much for fertility tests.

Its a nervous and exciting adventure we are embarking on because on one hand it makes us excited to know that we are getting closer to having a baby, and on the other side we are nervous for all that it entails, not just the "having" or "raising" of a baby, but the "trying" for the baby is a bigger worry for us because of the financial, emotional, and spiritual toll it can sometimes take. We decided to go see a fertility doctor to put our mind at ease, sometimes it is just nice knowing what is going on if we are able. There is no guarantee we will find out what is going on but for peace of mind we decided to try. Any encouragement and prayer you would like to give us is greatly appreciated, we are comfortable being open about what is going on.

Chris and I are very happy where God has lead us thus far in our marriage. We are a joyfully blessed family just the way we are, just the two of us. We relish our time together, and I often think about how much different our lives would be if we had a child, and am truly grateful for the time we have just Chris and I. Its not that we feel like we need a baby, or are unhappy without one, no matter what we want to be in God's will. Wherever, God wants us to be that is where we want to be. Yes, we truly have the desire on our heart to raise godly children one day, and at times this can be emotionally difficult, however our hope is in the Lord and His good promises, and to that end we stay encouraged with our infertility. Oh the great and wonderful plans the Lord has for us, plans to help us succeed, to become strong, to flourish and not to harm us, but to give us hope and a future.


Anonymous said...

Don't try so hard, relax and let it come to you... being stressed out doesn't help to become pregnant, trying too hard also doesn't help... good luck to you and chris, and leave it in god's hand to decide when you will be blessed with pregnancy!

The Harings said...

On the contrary, Chris and I are not stressed out about it. We simply want to get checked out to see what is going on. We know that God will give us a child if and when he chooses. Until then we are content just the two of us, just doing what we know how to in order live in Gods will for our lives.