Evoclin is my friend

So I have been prescribed the acne medication Evoclin for my face and I have to tell you I am so happy I finally went to a dermatologist and stopped messing around with over the counter meds. Not to mention that I didn't mess around when it came to finding a quality dermatologist. I highly recommend Crutchfield Dermatology...they are not the cheapest route but they are no BS if you know what I mean and they have a great staff that really listen to your needs and explain things. anyways...so after a few months of using Evoclin...it is rare if I get a breakout. Usually the only time that I get a breakout is after wearing makeup which is horrible for your face anyways. If I do get a breakout I dab a little of my convenient Evoclin foam on my face and vola overnight it is GONE! I love this stuff...but let me tell you it does have a hefty price tag. If your insurance doesn't cover it to buy it would cost you $299. Luckily Crutchfield knows about this and will help you get an insurance discount card so you can easily afford the medication. I was lucky enough to have my appendix out this year so my prescription deductible was meat so it didn't cost me anything...I guess we will see what happens when my insurance renews, but until then I am getting a free refill and using sparingly. Hope this encourages those out there that know the angst and pain of dealing with painful adult acne. Remember I am not a Doctor so Evoclin may not be right for you...check with your dermatologist for the best option. (I know, I sound like a prescription drug commercial)

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